Song: All the colours shine through
Artist: SingingOfWinter
Album: Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons
Plays: 813

Jack Frost:

Never thought that this would be
Never thought ‘bout being seen
I wouldn’t change it for the world
Just look at the stars up above

So many years I wandered lost
I was alive – why? It had no cause
All I did was causing trouble
And in my sleep I always mumbled

Why am I alone?


Then you walked by
and all was fine
When I wanted to cry
you made me smile
When the sky fell down
and all was blue
You made the colours all shine through


Never thought about breaking free
never thought that anyone would get me
Yeah, all I need is the three of you near
then we will never again sense the fear

My mother won’t wake me up to another morning
where my duty is to find a prince and marry him
You all learned me how to soar in the sky
how to spread out my wings and fly

It’s not like before when I ran away
and whispered; 

Why am I alone?



Never though that I would get out
never thought that I would touch the ground
But now I can feel the grass beneath my feet
I’m a full awaken flower who once were a seed

Never will I get back in there
locked up in a tower, not going anywhere
I will stand here by your side
and sing my sweet songs, and lullabies

I won’t lay down at night
and wonder;

Why am I alone?



Never thought that things would ever change
never thought my father would look my way
And understand everything I’m going through
but that’s alright, I got you

Didn’t think I’d fit for anything
then you tell me I should find my own place
And now I have finally figured out
in which direction I should take my next step

And I don’t ask myself anymore:

Why am I alone?


We will never let go
we’ll always have control
of our beating hearts
nothing can keep us apart

We’re family now
nothing can get us down
The world can crumble under us
but it won’t matter

never will we ever loose our faith
in each other, in ourselves and we wish the very best for you all


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